Analytica is used for teaching and research in many leading universities. Professors find it an ideal tool for students to learn the science and art of building effective decision models. Its visual influence diagrams encourage students to conceptualize complex problems in the same way as expert modelers, without getting bogged down in detailed of cell formulas. Its Intelligent Arrays(tm) help them start out simple and then add detail as and when needed.  

Relocatable Classroom

Stanford University's Center for Integrated Facility Engineering (CIFE) is a leading research center for virtual design for architecture, engineering, and construction. Caroline Clevenger, a Research… »详细信息

Riparian Rehab

Most rivers have been tamed by artificial channels, dikes, and levees to reducing flooding -- often damaging riparian habitat. Swiss researchers created IRRM to find the best way to rehabilitate river… »详细信息

Neuse Estuary

Researchers at Duke University created a model to help policy makers set the Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL) of nitrogen. The model predicts effects of TMDL not just on scientific measures, like dissolved… »详细信息

综合环境评估模型 (ICAM)

ICAM 可能是距今为止用 Analytica 创建的最为复杂的模型。广大的用户通过使用ICAM得到了一系列的有价值的见解以及发行了大量与此有关的杂志文章。 »详细信息
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