It is ever more important for us to understand our environment, how human activities may affect it, and how we can reduce the damage. Environmental problems are often complex, having many interacting parts - human activities that release pollutants, transport via air, water or land; chemical transformation; physical and biological effects on ecosystems and human health; and the economy that drives the activities and pays for clean up. 

To gain a clear understanding and effective policies for improving the environment, we need careful quantitative analysis. Usually, multidisciplinary teams are involved in building models, and many stakeholders and the general public care about the results. Models need to be transparent to help modelers, decision makers, and stakeholders understand the assumptions and results. A grounding in science is essential. But, uncertainties are inevitable, and should be included in our models.

Because of these needs — to create quantitative models of complex systems, that are transparent, and represent uncertainty — many experienced environmental modelers have chosen to use Analytica. Below are a few of the interesting and important models they have created to help illuminate important issues.



通过对北极白鲸数量变化建模,分析因纽特人扑鲸是否会造成白鲸减少的风险。  »详细信息

Neuse Estuary

Researchers at Duke University created a model to help policy makers set the Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL) of nitrogen. The model predicts effects of TMDL not just on scientific measures, like dissolved… »详细信息

Riparian Rehab

Most rivers have been tamed by artificial channels, dikes, and levees to reducing flooding -- often damaging riparian habitat. Swiss researchers created IRRM to find the best way to rehabilitate river… »详细信息


利福利亚州27个海洋钻井平台应该拆除还是应该将其转变成人工礁以促进海洋生态系统?这个模型给 利福利亚州海洋管理...…提供了一个决策工具。 »详细信息
Coffee Carafe

Green Purchasing

Green purchasing offers a way for organizations to reduce their environmental footprint — by considering the environmental impact of products and services in their buying decisions. »详细信息

综合环境评估模型 (ICAM)

ICAM 可能是距今为止用 Analytica 创建的最为复杂的模型。广大的用户通过使用ICAM得到了一系列的有价值的见解以及发行了大量与此有关的杂志文章。 »详细信息

Farmed Salmon

Are farmed salmon safe to eat? Finnish Public Health analysts show that eating farmed salmon is much healthier than beef. »详细信息

Relocatable Classroom

Stanford University's Center for Integrated Facility Engineering (CIFE) is a leading research center for virtual design for architecture, engineering, and construction. Caroline Clevenger, a Research… »详细信息

Methane GHG emissions

It turns out that methane from cows, pigs, and sheep generates more greenhouse warming than cars, trucks, trains, and planes combined. Canada uses Analytica to estimate the uncertainty in its GHG emissions… »详细信息
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