Corn field


The food and agriculture industry is rapidly evolving in the face of new technologies and uncertainties. What are the likely uncertainties in the methane GHG emissions from livestock? How safe are ready-to-eat meat and poultry products? These are examples of important questions that experts in this industry are using Analytica to explore. Analytica is being used across the board by government agencies, universities, leading research institutions and companies. Below are a few industry-specific examples of important models that have been created in Analytica.

Farmed Salmon

Are farmed salmon safe to eat? Finnish Public Health analysts show that eating farmed salmon is much healthier than beef. »详细信息

Methane GHG emissions

It turns out that methane from cows, pigs, and sheep generates more greenhouse warming than cars, trucks, trains, and planes combined. Canada uses Analytica to estimate the uncertainty in its GHG emissions… »详细信息
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