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From its inception, Analytica was designed to analyze risk and uncertainty  -- unlike spreadsheet applications which require special add-ins.  Analytica's fully integrated  features for Monte Carlo simulation make it remarkably simple to add treatment of uncertainty and twenty times faster to run than standard spreadsheets. Analytica's influence diagrams let you specify variables as uncertain simply by selecting an oval node to depict a chance variable. You can then select from a wide range of probability distributions, single or multivariate.  You can view the results in almost any way you can imagine, density functions, cumulative distributions, probability bands, basic statistics, or even the underlying random sample values (if you really like the nitty gritty).

Risk analysts have been using Analytica for twenty years for a huge variety of areas. See below for a few examples.


Cost-effective earthquake insurance in the San Francisco Bay Area

Certus Consulting’s analysis of earthquake scenarios and insurance rates helped a San Francisco county optimize insurance premiums and move toward a long-term risk management strategy. »详细信息

综合环境评估模型 (ICAM)

ICAM 可能是距今为止用 Analytica 创建的最为复杂的模型。广大的用户通过使用ICAM得到了一系列的有价值的见解以及发行了大量与此有关的杂志文章。 »详细信息

An integrated assessment of acid rain

A team of over 30 scientists at 11 organizations developed TAF as an integrated environmental assessment to help answer this question for the National Acid Precipitation Assessment Program (NAPAP) »详细信息

Bechtel SAIC

Bechtel SAIC selected Analytica after comparing 12 software tools to evaluate the lifecycle costs and revenues for the proposed repository for high-level radioactive waste at Yucca Mountain, Nevada.  »详细信息

Farmed Salmon

Are farmed salmon safe to eat? Finnish Public Health analysts show that eating farmed salmon is much healthier than beef. »详细信息


利福利亚州27个海洋钻井平台应该拆除还是应该将其转变成人工礁以促进海洋生态系统?这个模型给 利福利亚州海洋管理...…提供了一个决策工具。 »详细信息

Methane GHG emissions

It turns out that methane from cows, pigs, and sheep generates more greenhouse warming than cars, trucks, trains, and planes combined. Canada uses Analytica to estimate the uncertainty in its GHG emissions… »详细信息
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