Lumina at EUEC 2011

January 31 - February 2, 2010

Please come and meet us in person at the Energy, Utility & Environment conference (EUEC) in Phoenix, AZ between Monday January 31 and Wednesday February 2nd

If you have colleagues interested in learning about Analytica's use in the energy and utlitiy industries, EUEC offers many great opportunities including a 40 minute Analytica tutorial on Monday and several sessions on Analytica's use in energy modeling..

Free Exhibition Pass

We will be glad to send you (and your colleagues) a FREE pass to the EUEC Exhibition, if you aren't registered for the conference. Please email or call 650-212-1212 by Friday, January 21st so we can mail you one.

Exhibition Hall Phoenix Convention Center, North Building, 3rd floor

Visit our booth (#723) at the EUEC exhibit hall

H2, Biofuels/Ethanol

MONDAY, Jan. 31st. from 3:30pm- 5:30pm

How will the US vehicles consume the biofuels envisaged by RFS?

Both the Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007 (EISA, 2007) and Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS2, 2010) were introduced to promote consumption of biofuels. It is now doubtful whether the biofuels industry can meet those production targets in the near future. If they do, it is uncertain whether the biofuels infrastructure and number of flex-fuel vehicles would suffice to consume them. We use the Analytica Transportation Energy Assessment Model (ATEAM) to explore a variety of scenarios, to estimate the number of FFVs needed and E85 fueling stations needed, nationwide or regionally, to consume ethanol production. We examine the effects of introducing a higher blend wall of E12, E15 or E20 (ethanol to gasoline) as an interim policy. We also compare the effects of "drop-in" biofuels technologies that produce bio-gasoline and bio-diesel that require little change to distribution infrastructure and vehicles.

Presenting Author: Surya Swamy, Consulting Decision Analyst, Lumina Decision Systems

Marketing Track, EUEC Center Stage (Exhibit Hall), TUESDAY, Feb. 1st from 10:30AM - 11:00AM

Analytica: Clarifying "green decisions" for energy technology and policy

Accelerating innovation and changes in public policy make it ever more challenging to evaluate the real economic and environmental costs and ROI for new energy technologies. Analytica is a software tool increasingly used as an alternative to conventional spreadsheets to radically improve the transparency and ease of such analysis. For example, the Analytica Transportation Energy Assessment Model (ATEAM) lets you rapidly explore how innovations in biofuels, batteries, hydrogen fuel cells, and other vehicle technologies will drive market adoption into the vehicle fleet. It lets private and public sector organizations, such as biofuels producers, electrical utilities, battery, and car makers, understand the interactions of technical breakthroughs and market.  We will give a visual demonstration of how Analytica and ATEAM generates valuable insights and helps you better navigate your route to success through the rapidly evolving technology and market landscape.

Presenting Author: Max Henrion, CEO, Lumina Decision Systems