ADCAPT Consulting Partners

Lumina has a team of renowned consultants to assist data center managers with the challenges of effective capacity planning. In addition to assisting with the deployments of ADCAPT, these seasoned practitioners can apply metrics to assess current data center performance and develop expansion strategies. They can supplement and train your planners and managers.

Amy Spellman has 20 years of hands-on experience in IT capacity planning and performance engineering. She has worked with hundreds of Fortune 1000 companies, assisting them to efficiently manage their IT infrastructure while improving end-user response times. One of her specialties is coordinating with IT and business partners to ensure that IT services meet service level agreements cost effectively.

In 2008, Ms. Spellmann founded Optimal Innovations, a solutions company dedicated to saving information technology dollars by reducing IT and data center power consumption. Optimal Innovations focuses on green capacity planning and cloud computing, extending traditional capacity planning and performance engineering best practices to include power and cooling.

Amy Spellman's paper "Leveraging the Cloud for Green IT: Predicting the Energy, Cost and Performance of Cloud Computing" won the best paper award at CMG 2009


KC Mares is a consultant specializing in data center energy efficiency. In addition to co-chairing the Silicon Valley Leadership Group (SVLG) Data Center Energy Efficiency demonstration program, Mr. Mares leads data center energy efficiency programs and other efforts for Facebook, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratories, the US Department of Energy, and many other organizations. He has been working with Rumsey Engineers on the design of super-efficient data centers with PUEs below 1.08, and with companies to develop and design highly efficient data centers and complete site selections.

Recently Mr. Mares led Yahoo!'s worldwide data center strategy, including development and construction, lowering energy consumption to achieve Yahoo!'s carbon neutrality. Mr. Mares has also created data center solutions for Google, BEA Systems, Equinix, and many others. He led energy initiatives at Exodus Communications, and has developed over $6 billion of data centers in over a dozen countries. He managed performance-based energy contracts for Johnson Controls and Honeywell, and developed co-generation and renewable energy plants. Mr. Mares has served as director of energy for Sun Microsystems and Target stores. His work has earned numerous awards, including twice winning EnergyStar Partner of the Year. He has crafted legislation for energy solutions and is a pundit of long- term energy solutions that improve the quality of life, environment and sustained economic vitality. In 2010, Mr. Mares served as a Judge for the Uptime Institute Green Enterprise IT Awards. See Megawatt Consulting for more.