Henrion introduces "Koomey's Law" at Uptime Symposium

Lumina demo'ed ADCAPT (Analytica DataCenter Capacity Planning Tool) at the Uptime Symposium 2010 in New York City. The Uptime meeting is the premier conference and tradeshow for green IT and those seeking to improve the energy efficiency of datacenters. Max Henrion, Lumina's CEO, gave a talk on how to use flexible adaptive strategies for planning datacenter capacity to cope with the massive uncertainties. Key uncertainties include the growth in demand for computing, the cost of electrical power, and the future performance of IT equipment. Datacenters may be designed for a life of 20 years, comprising many generations IT technology. Moore's law has been fairly reliable for predicting the continuing improvements in IT price-performance characteristics. Henrion showed how to use historical data on computations per kilowatt recently collected by Jon Koomey and colleagues to project corresponding improvements in the energy efficiency of computing equipment, which he termed "Koomey's Law". Henrion remarked that this may be as important as Moore's Law for capacity planning, including the power conditioning and cooling equipment that are longer-lived elements of datacenters.

View and hear Henrion's Uptime talk (about 25 minutes)