Analytica 兄弟公司

If you are looking for help in using Analytica, these affiliated consultants offer special expertise in the use of Analytica to create effective decision tools. Lumina has selected these firms on the basis of their outstanding skills in decision analysis and decision-oriented modeling, and knowledge of Analytica and other tools. They have experience in applications in a wide variety of areas, including the environment, oil and gas, earth sciences, telecommunications, e-commerce, health, and pharmaceutical.

Lumina will be glad to help you select an affiliate to suit your needs. Our
recommendations will be based on the type of assistance you want, expertise in application area and methodology, geographical region, and preferred language. Please call us at 650-212-1212 or email us.

Novix assists companies with their business planning. We model the financial, marketing, production and logistics planning processes to better understand the key business variables so that our clients are able to make informed and better decisions. The Novix mulitilingual team (Spanish, Portuguese, English) has worked with companies from Asia, Europe, Latin America and the USA.

"Using Analytica as the main development platform, we are able to provide our clients with a powerful tool for decision making analysis that is flexible, allows the analyst to handle large data sets consistently and can easily be adapted to business changes."

Location: Argentina
Languages: English, Spanish, and Portuguese.

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Bicore specializes in innovation management solutions, with a focus on new business, new product development, and R&D. We support a wide range of European clients in the high-tech, automotive and process industry with management consulting, training, and coaching, as well as implementation support.

Bicore is an affiliate consulting partner of Lumina, with expert hands-on experience of the Analytica toolsuite. Analytica's support for incremental modeling, concise and visual model presentation, and ease of uncertainty analysis make it our tool of choice for typical innovation management challenges such as business case modeling and innovation portfolio analysis.

Location: The Netherlands
Languages: English and Dutch

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Incite Decision Technologies

Incite has delivered solutions in Analytica since 1996 within a broad array of commercial sectors. Although we specialize in supporting strategic technology decisions, we have applied Analytica in a wide array of client problems including facilities capital cost estimating, market evaluation, project valuation and selection, schedule risk and cost analysis, environmental remediation, litigation strategy, new product development, network architectural design, commercial real estate strategy, and portfolio system design and support for pharmaceutical R&D and electronics.

Analytica's influence diagram environment, support for scalable multidimensional analysis through Intelligent Arrays(TM), and native Monte Carlo engine allow us to capture the logic and behavior of client problems quickly and present them in a way that facilitates productive and decisive dialog. By combining these uniquely adaptable and flexible features with our structured approach to decision-making, we help our clients gain deeper insights into opportunities and make better decisions faster.

"As a consultant, I use Analytica primarily for two reasons: efficiency and communication.  Analytica's "object-oriented" programming language and intelligent arrays allow me to develop and maintain quantitative analysis rapidly and accurately.  Thus, I spend much less time just writing code or auditing and correcting mistakes than I would in spreadsheets or other programming languages.  Analytica's influence diagram environment allows me to discuss the logic of models graphically with clients.  As a result, I spend much less time getting confirmation of a model's accuracy from clients, and I spend more time actually helping clients think through their problems and solutions.  Analytica helps me be more of a consultant than a programmer." - Rob Brown, Incite Decision Technologies.

Location: Cumming, Georgia
Languages: English

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Enrich Consulting

Enrich Consulting is a management consulting firm with practice areas in strategy development, business case analysis, portfolio planning, and market opportunity sizing. Our suite of enterprise-class software products extends the power of Analytica to the web, so that Analytica data, models, and reports can be accessed across the enterprise, or across the globe. We specialize in the installation of decision support systems in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical device, high-technology, and oil and gas industries.

"After experiencing a live demonstration of Analytica, the CEO of a multibillion dollar polymer products company exclaimed, 'I never truly understood the relationships between profit and loss, balance sheet, and cash flow statements until now." - Rich Sonnenblick, Ph. D., Enrich Consulting

Location: Campbell, CA, USA
Languages: English

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Navigant Consulting provides a variety of energy and other utility-related services that help clients compete and succeed in the fields of energy efficiency and demand response, energy resource procurement and related business pursuits. Our service lines are defined around our staff's expertise in planning, development, implementation, and evaluation of energy, water and other utility program and resource portfolios.

Navigant has Analytica experts who can apply their knowledge of the energy space to solve complex problems for its clients. The Analytica tool affords the opportunity to create user-friendly, visual, and highly transparent models that facilitate a deep understanding of analysis by clients. This approach ultimately enhances the effectiveness of the analysis engagement and avoids the "black-box" syndrome that is so common with other modeling frameworks. Additionally, the flexibility of Analytica's "intelligent array" algorithm permits Navigant Consulting to adapt quickly and cost-effectively to client needs.

Location: Boulder, CO, USA
Languages: English

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Risk Sciences International provides risk assessment expertise primarily in the areas of public health, safety and environmental protection.

"We particularly enjoy the considerable productivity gains associated with Analytica. We are always working in partnership with our clients. In this environment, good model development practices rely on visualization, collaboration, computation, and documentation. Analytica encourages all of these to work harmoniously. The capacity to deliver web-based solutions with Analytica is also exciting, where models built in Analytica are easily maintained within the Analytica environment, while the web-based dissemination provides low cost distribution and communication options for external users of policy models." - Greg Paoli, Principal Risk Scientist, Risk Sciences International

Location: Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Languages: English and French

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StrategicFit is a strategy consulting firm that works with business leaders to simplify strategic decision making without sacrificing value. We do this by applying established decision quality principles, industry experience, and analytical tools, to get to the heart of what matters. Our focus is on energy-related industries. We have worked with most supermajor petroleum companies, several national oil companies, energy industry organisations, and many of the independent E&P firms. We have also worked with utilities and oil industry service companies. Our flexible approach can unlock value in situations where there are high-stakes decisions to be made in highly uncertain environments. Between us we can draw on extensive consulting experience in many other industry sectors with these characteristics, such as life sciences and consumer electronics.

We believe the use of Analytica benefits our clients in two ways. First it enables clients to use our analysis themselves on an ongoing basis, enabling them refresh insights by keeping inputs up-to-date in a  run-time version. Second, we use Analytica for highly complex decision analysis work where traditional spreadsheet models become unmanageable.

Location: London, UK
Languages: English and Spanish

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Certus Consulting, Inc. is a structural engineering and risk management consulting firm, specializing in natural hazard and terrorism risk modeling. We provide our clients with comprehensive analysis of risks to individual buildings or portfolios, considering capital, casualty and business interruption losses. We translate results into information that can be integrated into Enterprise Risk Management programs, giving decision makers the necessary information to optimize their risk management budgets. We work with private companies as well as state and regional governments.

"Analytica has become a key component of our modeling process. It’s simulation-based analysis tools are extremely useful in modeling low probability – high consequence events. It’s index based approach is critical for integrating and assessing the sensitivity of all the variables that influence a decision. Analytica’s capability to easily add dimensions, expand indices and parse data increases the flexibility and value of our services." - Evan Reis, Certus Consulting.

Location: Oakland, CA
Languages: English

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4PL Insights helps business leaders in supply chain-dependent companies optimize their supply networks so that their supply chain provides a competitive advantage.  To achieve this we use decision analytic and advanced quantitative techniques that examine the relationships between financial, business and operational data, enabling our clients to visualize the risk and reward of alternatives they can take toward profitable business growth.

"Analytica provides a key part of the analysis toolset we use to help leaders see and understand the implications of their decisions.  Analytica's influence diagram environment and built-in Monte Carlo simulation allows us to discuss in a transparent manner the logic and implied value and risk of alternate business strategies with executives.  As a result, our clients gain the insights they need to act confidently and knowledgeably." - Rob Brown

Location: Atlanta, GA
Languages: English

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QUANTUM AMERICA Corp. is an international consulting firm specialized in Public Utilities Regulation for the Electricity and Natural Gas Sectors, with a strong presence in the Latin American market and expanding into the rest of the world with offices in Argentina, USA, Brazil and Peru. Since 1986, our multidisciplinary team of professionals has been researching the best forms of regulation, designing new incentive regulation mechanisms, and creating models and methodologies to respond to the needs of our clients.

By implementing Analytica in the electricity and gas distribution optimization models and tariff calculation models, we have managed to reduce their complexity, allowing a better understanding and use, as well as obtaining a great flexibility for the creation of simulation scenarios and forecasts. Analytica-based models offer users a powerful tool for their decision making process. 

Location: Argentina
Languages: English, Spanish, Portuguese and French.

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