Certus Consulting, Inc.

Certus Consulting, Inc. is a structural engineering and risk management consulting firm, specializing in natural hazard and terrorism risk modeling. We provide our clients with comprehensive analysis of risks to individual buildings or portfolios, considering capital, casualty and business interruption losses. We translate results into information that can be integrated into Enterprise Risk Management programs, giving decision makers the necessary information to optimize their risk management budgets. We work with private companies as well as state and regional governments.


"Analytica has become a key component of our modeling process. It’s simulation-based analysis tools are extremely useful in modeling low probability – high consequence events. It’s index based approach is critical for integrating and assessing the sensitivity of all the variables that influence a decision. Analytica’s capability to easily add dimensions, expand indices and parse data increases the flexibility and value of our services." - Evan Reis, Certus Consulting.


Risk modeling