Incite Decision Technologies

Incite Decision Technologies

Incite has delivered solutions in Analytica since 1996 within a broad array of commercial sectors. Although we specialize in supporting strategic technology decisions, we have applied Analytica in a wide array of client problems including facilities capital cost estimating, market evaluation, project valuation and selection, schedule risk and cost analysis, environmental remediation, litigation strategy, new product development, network architectural design, commercial real estate strategy, and portfolio system design and support for pharmaceutical R&D and electronics.

Why We Use Analytica

Analytica's influence diagram environment, support for scalable multidimensional analysis through Intelligent Arrays(TM), and native Monte Carlo engine allow us to capture the logic and behavior of client problems quickly and present them in a way that facilitates productive and decisive dialog. By combining these uniquely adaptable and flexible features with our structured approach to decision-making, we help our clients gain deeper insights into opportunities and make better decisions faster.


"As a consultant, I use Analytica primarily for two reasons: efficiency and communication.  Analytica's "object-oriented" programming language and intelligent arrays allow me to develop and maintain quantitative analysis rapidly and accurately.  Thus, I spend much less time just writing code or auditing and correcting mistakes than I would in spreadsheets or other programming languages.  Analytica's influence diagram environment allows me to discuss the logic of models graphically with clients.  As a result, I spend much less time getting confirmation of a model's accuracy from clients, and I spend more time actually helping clients think through their problems and solutions.  Analytica helps me be more of a consultant than a programmer." - Rob Brown, Incite Decision Technologies.


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