Navigant Consulting

Navigant Consulting provides a variety of energy and other utility-related services that help clients compete and succeed in the fields of energy efficiency and demand response, energy resource procurement and related business pursuits. Our service lines are defined around our staff's expertise in planning, development, implementation, and evaluation of energy, water and other utility program and resource portfolios.

Navigant has Analytica experts who can apply their knowledge of the energy space to solve complex problems for its clients. The Analytica tool affords the opportunity to create user-friendly, visual, and highly transparent models that facilitate a deep understanding of analysis by clients. This approach ultimately enhances the effectiveness of the analysis engagement and avoids the "black-box" syndrome that is so common with other modeling frameworks. Additionally, the flexibility of Analytica's "intelligent array" algorithm permits Navigant Consulting to adapt quickly and cost-effectively to client needs.


Boulder,CO, USA