Strategic Fit

StrategicFit is a strategy consulting firm that works with business leaders to simplify strategic decision making without sacrificing value. We do this by applying established decision quality principles, industry experience, and analytical tools, to get to the heart of what matters. Our focus is on energy-related industries. We have worked with most supermajor petroleum companies, several national oil companies, energy industry organisations, and many of the independent E&P firms. We have also worked with utilities and oil industry service companies. Our flexible approach can unlock value in situations where there are high-stakes decisions to be made in highly uncertain environments. Between us we can draw on extensive consulting experience in many other industry sectors with these characteristics, such as life sciences and consumer electronics.

We believe the use of Analytica benefits our clients in two ways. First it enables clients to use our analysis themselves on an ongoing basis, enabling them refresh insights by keeping inputs up-to-date in a  run-time version. Second, we use Analytica for highly complex decision analysis work where traditional spreadsheet models become unmanageable.




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