Manual Activation

如果您使用的是 Analytica 4.2(及更高版本)且您的计算机连接到互联网的话,在您输入激活密后,Analytica 会和 Lumina 服务器相连自动激活您的软件。如果没有网络连接,您可以按照此页中的信息,手动激活您的软件。

You need to activate each single-user license for each end-user and computer on which the software will be run.

For centrally-managed licenses, including floating licenses, you need to activate it only on the server computer which runs the Reprise License Manager (RLM).

Product* Analytica
License type* Individual license
Centrally managed license (on RLM server)
End User*
First Last (e.g., John Doe)
Activation Key* #1 (e.g. 1AD3-AD33-344J-AZAQ-1)
Host ID* #2 (e.g. 647d65b2)
User ID* #2 (e.g. myLoginName)
I also will need to have a Wiki account set up.
* means that the field is required.

#1 Getting an Activation Key

Lumina sends an activation key when you purchase the software. If someone else at your organization purchased Analytica for you, please contact that purchasing agent to send you your activation key, if they didn't yet do so.

#2 Finding Host & User ID

To find your Host ID & User ID:

  • Launch Analytica.
    To do this, you'll need to run the Analytica installer (you can leave the Activation Key blank, or select the Free Player option).
  • Bring up the Update License... dialog from the Help menu.
  • Your Host ID and User ID appears at the bottom of the dialog.

Host Id and User Id highlighted in the Update License... dialog.

More on Manual Activation

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