Technical Support for Analytica

所有的 Analytica 许可证包含一年的技术支持,包含: 

  • 通过电子邮件获得技术支持。详情请参考技术支持部分
  • 补丁或次版本免费升级(比如说从4.5升级到4.6)
  • 主版本升级折扣价格(比如说4.5到5.0)
  • 访问并编辑 Analytica wiki(维基百科)
  • 免费参加 Analytica 用户组织网络研讨会


Which Release do I have?

To check which release number you have: Open Analytica, and select About Analytica from the Help menu. This dialog box shows your Edition, Release number, and the date of the release.

Extended Technical Support

You can purchase extended technical support and eligibility for free upgrades beyond the free 12 months.

For pricing and to order, please contact us. 

Consulting on decision analysis, model design, ADE Web development, and more

Free technical support covers questions about installing and using Analytica, including all features and functions, linking to Excel and ODBC databases, and any apparent bugs. If you would like help on how your organization can best to apply Analytica to your decision problems, how to structure and design models, data analysis and statistics, or how to express uncertainties, we can offer experienced consulting help or refer you to one of our accredited affiliate consultants with special expertise in your area. Please contact us for more.

Converting from Excel into Lumina

Many users start with spreadsheet models they want to convert into Analytica. The Analytica model is often more compact by an order of magnitude or more, as well as easier to understand, more reliable, and simpler to extend. Plus, the translation will often uncover hidden errors in the spreadsheet. Some organizations do this just to verify correctness. Experienced users can often do conversions in hours. If you'd like a flying start, Lumina will do the translation for you with our rapid turnaround service — guaranteed to produce identical results. Email your spreadsheet to us, and we'll send you a quote with no obligation.

QuickStart Package

We offer a QuickStart Package to get you going. This is a 4 hour package of consulting support conducted via email, phone and web-based meeting for $1200 ($900 when purchased with software). It is valid for use at any time during the 12 months following purchase. You can take advantage of this before you purchase Analytica for in-depth evaluation assistance, or after your purchase to get a start on your model. Many customers find this a valuable way to learn Analytica.
If you already have a spreadsheet model, we can look at your spreadsheet and provide help on how to structure and design your model in Analytica, or if you are starting from "scratch", you could describe the application and we can make suggestions. We can provide help with data analysis and statistics, and how to express uncertainties. We can write functions for you, and review your model for improvements. To purchase, please contact us. 

Speeding Up Your Model

Most users find Analytica much faster than equivalent spreadsheets. But, some modelers build really large models or want to use huge sample sizes. Analytica Enterprise includes a Performance Profiler library to identify which variables or functions take the most time or memory to evaluate. The Profiler helps you figure out where to spend your effort to speed up your model (or use less memory).

If you're stumped, our Analytica experts can usually figure out ways to speed up a model, often by large factors. We won't charge you if we don't find a speed-up of at least 30%.